Which State of Florida agency regulates the AACS PhD program? The Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, has annually licensed AACS to provide PhD level education.
What is the tuition cost for the PhD? Tuition is $12,000.
When is tuition due? For the January 1-March 31 semester, December 1
For May 1-August 31 semester, April 1
For September 1-December 31 semester, August 1
What financial aid is available? AACS offers no financial aid.
Where are courses held? All classes are held on the AACS campus in Orlando, Florida.
What are the qualifications of clinical faculty? All clinical professors have an earned PhD, state license in a mental Health field, and are Board certified as clinical sexologists by the American Board of Sexology.
What is the class size? Usually, under 12 students per semester.
How many students have completed and earned a PhD? Over 200 students have completed all the requirements and were
awarded a PhD in clinical sexology.